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Council Information
     St. John XXIII Council 13624 is located at the St. John XXIII Church on 13060 Palomino Lane,  Fort Myers, FL.  33912. 
  You can contact the Knights by phone at 239-561-2245, or by email   at ---- info@KofCfortmyers13624.com.

Council Meetings
Business meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 7 PM in the parish Life Center Chapel located at the the church at 13060 Palomino Lane, Fort Myers, FL. 33912.
Council Information
   St.  John XXIII Council 13624   was founded in 2004 through the efforts of  three parish priests, Rev. Charles Sullivan,  Rev. Palko and Rev.John Gilbert.
The parish is named after Pope John XXIII,
  who replaced Pope  Pious XII.in 1958.

The St. John XXIII Council

works  closelywith

St. John XXIII Parish

in Fort Myers, FL.,

providing  funds

for various projects,

members being active

participants in                          St. john XXIII entry 

their parish.                                with new carillon Bells

Knights of Columbus