The following yearly calendar are selected by year(s).

List of Pages and Index Sheets

For a Personal Data Folder

Data /Record copy

List and links

   LINKS to the Data Sheets for ALL 14 forms and a Master

copy of each to make photo copies. (select needed forms).

Holes on the RIGHT side.                                                                1-3-pgs. per data sheet    

The following Data/Records are selected as needed by user to be inserted before the months of data collection.

LINKS                                     INDEX - DIVIDER PAGE DESCRIPTION
3-YR - 1YR index
Divider page with hole and protective cover information.         1 per manual (1)
Personal Data Form Table of Contents
Table of Contents for User Manual                                     1 per manual (1)
Cover page

Data/Folder Cover Page goes on the outside of the manual. Identifies person

and start and end dates.                                                                    1 per manual (1)

Data/Record Tracking Index

The Data/Record divider sheets allows quick access to the yearly tracking

forms.                                                                                                   1 per manual. (1)

Data/Record Tracking Forms

The last two numbers of the year are filled in manually.           1 per year        (3)

 Enter the year on the Data/Record form.

Cal-Future Year List 
This divider TAB shows all calendars that are available.              1 per manual (1)
Year Divider Pages

These are used to separate years in the manual. The last two numbers of the

year are filled in manually.                                                 (See divider examples below)

YEAR TAB is near the top right of page                                               1 per year (1)
YEAR TAB is near the top right of page                                               1 per year (1)
YEAR TAB is near the lower right of page                                           1 per year (1)
Data/Record Copy List
An Index TAB and listing for all the Data/Record forms.                1 per manual (1)

See "HOW TO COPY FILES TO A USB DRIVE" in Table of Contents Section 5

Click on any file link below to open that page


Introduction and Instructions File Links                  File description and content      (No. pages)

Cal-Future Year List and Links 

Links to select appropriate calendar 3 yr grouping or individual year.(s). Holes on the LEFT side.                                                                                                      14-15 pgs. Per year

The following LINKS are to select files to print or copy to a USB Drive

     File Links                     File Description                                                       No pgs 

 3-YR forms          
 This contains ALL forms for a 3 year manual.                                                    (11) pgs.
 1-YR forms
 This contains ALL forms for a 1 year manual.                                                     (7) pgs